Free Easy Ways to Repair Corrupt MDF File in SQL Server [Professional Guide]

Summary: This blog explains the best method to repair corrupt MDF files from the SQL database. Ahead, we will explain the 02 easy and secure procedures to recover MDF files; the first process will consist of SQL Server Management Studios (SSMS), and the second is a professional method. So read this write-up to the end to cover how to repair MDF files.
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A Brief Introduction to MDF File?

MDF stands for Master Database File created by Microsoft SQL Server as the primary database file. It stores all the information and data regarding SQL Server, including schema. Microsoft SQL Server also creates an LDF file that records all the transactions and changes to the database. Therefore, you have to be very careful while operating with these files.

However, sometimes MDF files become corrupt and inaccessible due to technical and non-technical reasons. Every SQL Server user knows the importance of an MDF file, and if it gets damaged, then you have to deal with a massive loss. So it is wise to recover it as soon as possible; therefore, we will explain the various ways to repair the MDF file SQL Server. But let’s see some of the reasons MDF gets corrupt.

How an MDF File Gets Corrupted?

There are various reasons for MDF files becoming inaccessible or damaged, some of which are mentioned below.

  • If an MDF file is stored in a compressed folder, it might get corrupted.
  • Due to an alteration in SQL Server, your MDF file gets damaged.
  • In case, the storage medium is damaged, then the MDF file will be corrupted.
  • The MDF file will be inaccessible if the file header is damaged.
  • While using the SQL Server, if any network error occurs like Hard drive failure, virus attack, sudden power failure, improper system shutdown, etc., then your MDF will get corrupt.

The above points are some common reasons behind MDF file corruption. Now let’s move forward to learn the methods to restore the database from the MDF file.

Methods to Repair Corrupt MDF File

You can find various methods to repair an MDF file; however, not every method will give you the desired result. Hence, here we describe 02 of the best solutions to efficiently repair your corrupted MDF file.

Method 1: Restore Damaged MDF File Using DBCC CHECKDB Command

This procedure helps you in repairing minor damages in SQL Server using the DBCC CHECKDB command, so follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch the DBCC CHECKDB on your corrupt SQL database by using the following command

DBCC CHECKDB (Put the Name of the corrupt Database)

Step 2: Now, check the index ID and apply the below outlined cases accordingly.

Case 1: If Index ID > 1, drop and create it once again.

Case 2: If Index ID is 0 or 1, run DBCC CHECKDB again and use the repair options like:

repair_rebuild, repair_fast, or repair_allow_data_loss

For Instance:-

DBCC CHECK (name_of_corrupt_database, repair_fast)

DBCC CHECK (name_of_corrupt_database, repair_rebuild)

DBCC CHECK (name_of_corrupt_database, repair_allow_data_loss)

The above command can fix only minor damages in other words, it is unable to fix major MDF file corruption. However, to perform this procedure you need strong technical knowledge. In short, this method is quite complex and can not fully repair corrupt MDF files and also it is a time taking process. Therefore, to avoid these issues you can opt for the professional solution described below.

Method 2: Professionally Repair Corrupt MDF File in SQL Server

SQL Recovery software is an optimum tool to restore corrupt and damaged MDF files with high accuracy and maintains the database hierarchy structure with integrity. This software solves media device corruption, deletion of database accidentally, change in MS SQL Server account, virus in disk driver, header file corruption, etc. any in MDF file.

Step-by-Step instruction to repair MDF file database

  1. Download & Run SQL Recovery Software.
  2. Go to the “Browse” button and select MDF File.
  3. Now, Choose the Select Recovery modes to scan database MDF files.
  4. Click OK to start the scanning process.
  5. Select the folders and preview them after scanning.
  6. Enter the credentials of the SQL Server account and check the database connectivity.
  7. Click the OK to successfully save the recovered SQL database.

After going through this blog, you can repair corrupt MDF files in SQL Server with 100% data security and integrity. There is a manual method that is suitable for minor corruption to repair, but also some disadvantages. Therefore, we have also included a professional solution that can easily restore every damaged or inaccessible MDF file.

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