‘Could Not Send the Message’ Outlook Error and Recovery

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  • Updated on January 19th, 2023

Nothing is considered to be more irritating than unable to send email messages when you desperately need them. Microsoft Outlook is believed to be the most popular client because its creators have carefully developed an aura of reliability and safety around it.

Unfortunately, apart from its strong points, there are many reasons why Outlook wouldn’t send/receive an email.

Infographic shared below show Why do PST Files Get Corrupted? and what Precautions taken to resolve PST error

Why do PST Files Get Corrupted?

How to Fix Outlook PST Corruption?

Despite all precautions taken there are still some chances of PST corruption. To deal with such an error MS Outlook comes up with an Inbuilt Repair Tool – Scanpst.exe. But this tool works to some extent. However, to resolve seriously corrupt PST files you need to go for a third-party tool, one such third-party tool is PST Repair that offers numerous innovative features for repairing the affected PST files.


Apart from offering common solutions, this blog also contains a list of send/receive error codes that you often encounter. In the end, we also provide a third-party solution for getting the more specific solution.

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