MS Access Database RepairEffectively Repairs and Recovers Corrupt MS Access Database Files (MDB & ACCDB)

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MS Access Database Repair Software is the ultimate solution to recover and repair MS Access MDB and ACCDB files. It can securely recover all the access files data like tables, queries, reports, forms, and indexes. This tool offers dual modes to recover corrupt and damaged Access database files.

MS Access Database Repair
Key Features
  • Efficiently recover MDB and ACCDB database files of MS Access.
  • Equipped with a unique feature to recover OLE objects or MEMO data from damaged Access files.
  • Helps to restore BLOB data successfully.
  • Allows you to correct data misalignment and header issues in Access files.
  • Offers Dual-Mode of recovery: Standard & Advanced Mode, to retrieve the corrupt MS Access Data.
  • The Preview feature gives an option to view recovered database files before saving it.
  • Users can also recover data from password-protected MS Access Database files.
  • Securely repairs and restores tables, queries, and indexes of the MS Access database files.
  • Maintain data integrity after saving the recovered MS access data.
  • Compatible with all major versions of the Windows Operating System, including Windows 11.
  • It supports all versions of MS Access files likely, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010. and 2007.

Trial Limitations

MS Access Database Recovery Freeware makes you familiar with the User Interface and working of the tool. The Demo Version only previews the retrieved files. You do not have the option to save the recovered data.


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        When to Use DRF MS Access Database Repair?

        There might be a chance of accidental deletion or corruption of MS Access MDB and ACCDB files, because of this users are unable to view and access those files. So, here we recommend using MS Access Database Recovery Tool for a risk-free and reliable solution to repair and recover MDB and ACCDB database files of MS Access. It offers dual modes to recover or retrieve data from corrupt or damaged Access database files.

        Experts & MVP Reviews

        Access Database Recovery Tool is a trusted professional solution recommended by many experts. It is developed with an advanced algorithm that precisely repairs and recovers damaged Access database files. The software has various distinct features through which it delivers 100% accurate and risk-free results. MS Access Repair Tool also has excellent features to recover encrypted MS Access Database files with high efficiency. Moreover, it is enclosed with a unique characteristic to retrieve OLE or MEMO data from corrupt MS Access files.

        Key Features of MS Access Database Repair Tool

        Repair corrupt MDB file

        Repair corrupt MDB file

        The MS Access Database Repair Tool can troubleshoot any corruption present in MDB files. It helps the users repair and recover data from any version of the MDB and ACCDB files without losing any data.

        Smart Preview Feature

        Smart Preview Feature

        MS Access Database Recovery Software offers an advanced preview feature that allows users to preview the recoverable data of an MDB or ACCDB file before downloading it. Also, you can get more details of the specific folder by double-clicking on it.

        Creates Log-File in TXT Format

        Creates Log-File in TXT Format

        This Database Repair tool has a feature of log-creation that creates a log file of the entire process of scanning and recovery of the Access MDB and ACCDB files. Once you view the log report, you can also save it into TXT file format at your desired location.

        Dual Modes of Recovery

        Dual Modes of Recovery

        Using this software, you can recover your Access MDB and ACCDB files containing tables, database queries, reports, etc., in two different modes. Standard Mode for regular corrupt files and Advanced Mode for severely damaged database files. There is no loss of data while recovering files in any of these modes.

        Self Instructive User interface

        Self Instructive User interface

        The MS Access Database Repair tool consists of an easy to use, attractive and self-explanatory graphical user interface. Furthermore, the user does not need any technical knowledge to perform the MDB or ACCDB files recovery.

        Compatible with All Versions

        Compatible with All Versions

        This MS Access Database Repair Tool is widely compatible and runs on all major versions of Windows-based systems including Windows 11 and other below versions. Additionally, It also supports all versions of MS Access 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010. and 2007.

        Comparison of Demo & Full Version of MS Access Database Repair

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Follow the below steps to repair corrupt Access Database files with this tool:

        • Download, Install and Launch MS Access Database Repair Tool on your system.
        • Select the corrupt MDB file from your PC.
        • Choose from the two modes of recovery either Standard or Advanced.
        • Select the MS Access versions or mark on Auto-detect, and click OK for the scanning process.
        • Now, select the MS Access Database and click on Save. Your Access database file will be recovered at your desired location.

        It depends on the size of the corrupted database file. Although it takes less time, big-size files may take a bit longer than usual.

        This error occurs due to the corruption present in the Access database files. With this tool, you can fix this error easily by repairing your Access database files.

        It depends on the level of corruption present in the Access database files. If the corruption in the database files is minimum, then use the Standard Mode. And, if the files are majorly corrupted, use Advanced Mode.

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