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DBF File Recovery Tool

Best Tool to Repair and Recover DBF Files without losing any Data

DBF File Recovery Tool is one of the best utilities to recover and repair corrupt DBF database files. It specializes in repairing FoxPro database files and other DBF files created by different database programs like dBase, MultiBase, dBXL, Clipper, CodeBase, Arago, etc. It can also restore DBF file objects like indices, tables, triggers, and unique keys with ease. Also, this tool can convert DBF files into MDB format. It is equipped with a unique feature to save all the recovered data from a corrupt DBF file into a new MDB file.

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  • Recovers the database files generated by a number of database programs.
  • Allows bulk recovery of corrupted DBF Files.
  • Provides efficient Recovery of damaged DBF Files without harming a healthy database.
  • Gives the option to save recovered data in MDB file format.
  • Equipped with a smart auto-search feature that allows users to open files easily.
  • The preview feature allows the user to preview the recovered data in the tree-structured model.
  • Provides you the Option to fix the alignment of the corrupted file.
  • Recover DBF files data like triggers, indices, tables, etc.
  • Comes with a proficient DBF repair method that supports dBase V, dBase IV, dBase III, and dBase II.
  • Unique Feature of loading the schema of another DBF file for extreme corruption.
  • A user-friendly interface guides you smoothly through the recovery process.
  • Supports all versions of Windows Operating System.

What is the Load-Scheme feature?

DBF File Recovery Tool is equipped with a unique load scheme feature that allows users to load a scheme from another DBF File. It is most helpful when extreme header corruption is to be recovered successfully.

Purpose of available "Fixed Alignment" feature

The corruption in DBF Files makes the alignment of the files irregular that sometimes changes the data. DBF File Recovery Tool has the option to fix the alignment of the records and entries of the corrupt DBF files solving this issue.

Some key features of DBF File Recovery Tool

Accurate database file recovery

This tool efficiently recovers and repairs corrupt DBF Database files in no time. It is convenient for database files created by different database programs like FoxPro, dBXL, etc. It securely maintains the data integrity throughout the scanning process of the files.

Auto-Search Feature

DBF File Recovery Tool is embedded with an auto search feature. It helps you to find the Database files on your PC if you cannot find them manually. This feature starts with a thorough scan of your system and locates all the database files on your PC.

Schema Loading

This feature of Schema Loading comes in handy when there is extreme header corruption in the DBF file. It loads the schema of another DBF file to repair the extreme corruption. While using this feature, you should make sure that the DBF file from which you want to load the schema should contain the same header structure.

Preview File Feature

The preview file feature allows you to preview all the data that can be recovered in the form of a tree structure. You can expand the database objects in the tree structure and preview the items before the actual recovery process.

Record Alignment

The corruption in DBF files also results in the irregular alignment of the files. The Record Alignment feature of this tool corrects the alignment of the data of the corrupt files. It can adjust the pattern of the entries and records in the file using the Left and Right buttons provided in the tool.

Easy to GUI simple GUI Best Graphical User-Interface

This tool offers the latest and user-friendly GUI. The user needs to select the DBF file from the PC, and that’s all. External technical support is also not required as a novice user can operate this tool with ease.

Software Specification

Trial Limitation

Freeware DBF Recovery tool allows the user to go through the entire feature of the software but does not allow them to save the data. To use the saving feature of the software user need to purchase the full version of the tool.

System Requirements

Processor: Pentium Class Processor

Memory: Minimum 512MB (1GB Recommended)

Disk Space: Enough Disk Space to Store the Result Files.

Supported Version

Demo & Full Version
Features Free Version Pro Version
Open DBF Files
Support recovery of all format of DBF file
Restore all Database Objects
Auto-Search feature
Preview data option
Save Result Data
Save resulted data
Compatible with all versions of Windows
24*7 Tech Support & 100% Secure
Price Free $59
Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the below steps to repair corrupt DBF file with this tool:

  1. Download, Install and Launch DBF File Recovery Tool on your system.
  2. Select the corrupt DBF file from your PC.
  3. Select another DBF file to load the schema if you need it, or press OK.
  4. Pick the database objects that you want to save and click on Save.
  5. Now, choose the location to save your data and file format, then click on OK. Your corrupt DBF file will be repaired.

To run this tool successfully, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Windows Defender
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Now, Disable Real-time protection

You can easily fix the alignment of records and entries in corrupt DBF files using this tool. Click on the Left and Right buttons at the top of the tool to align your entries and records according to your desired pattern.

The Load Schema feature comes in handy for extreme header corruption. But, you have to keep in mind that the DBF file that you are uploading should have the same header structure.

Yes, this tool also facilitates the conversion of DBF database files to MDF format. You just have to select the MDB format and the tool creates a new MDB file with all your recovered data.

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