What is Data Recovery and How to Recover Data from a Hard Drive?

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  • Updated on January 19th, 2023

Data recovery is a process of recovering data files that have been corrupted, accidentally deleted or lost due to a few reasons. Many people lost their important files and felt disappointed, and no one of them is an expert to get those lost data back.

Here, In this technical blog, we understand and see the information on all aspects of data recovery, from working principles of multiple storage technologies and windows data recovery. So, keep up with this technical post and learn What is Data Recovery and how to recover data from corrupt files that are corrupted by the mistakenly formatted hard drive, sudden virus attack, serious system crash, etc.

What is Hard Drive Data Recovery?

Data recovery is a process of restoring corrupted, formatted, or damaged data from secondary storage devices such as Hard drives, USB flash drives, etc. at the time when data is inaccessible. 

Now let’s understand what are the major reasons behind the Hard Drive Data Loss:

  1. System Failure: At the time of the processing when unexpectedly system fails then, the hard drive files become inaccessible. 
  2. Virus Attack: for businesses, computer viruses can steal or delete important data  and can destroy company functionality. A computer is often affected by the virus from an email-based attack. Virus or malware attacks can make data files corrupt.
  3. System Crash: Sometimes, due to a sudden power cut, the system crashes immediately. At that moment the hard drive files that are in processing state have the chance of corruption.
  4. Human Errors: Humans are not perfect at all. we all make mistakes and sometimes they make mistakes like big ones. For businesses, this may create a big problem such as error deletion of data or sections of text. Employees may overwrite other important files or delete information files that are essential to your business. Human error or mistakes can also play a role in many other main causes of data loss.
  5. Hard Drive Damage: Hard drives are the most friable parts of computers. Hard drives can also be corrupted if a computer overheats which is typically caused by overuse or a build-up of dust in the PC. 

Above mentioned major reasons are enough to explain to you why Windows Data Recovery is needed. Now, let’s understand the possible and proven methods to recover Hard Drive data files.

How to Recover Hard Drive Data Files?

Hard Drive Data Recovery can be done using many softwares. Some of the safe, reliable, and fully verified softwares are listed below: 

  1. Hard Drive Data Recovery Freeware
  2. Aryson Windows Data Recovery
  3. SysInfo Windows Data Recovery 
  4. ConverterTools Hard Drive Recovery
  5. Stellar Windows Data Recovery

Above listed softwares are the best softwares for Windows data recovery or Windows data recovery. The procedure of using these softwares are almost the same that’s why in this article one software description is explained.

DataRecoveryFreeware Hard Drive Data Recovery 

Hard Drive Recovery tool is a professional and stand-alone tool in the market that supports the recovery of data from internal as well as an external hard disk drives. It can recover file formats such as email, multimedia formats, images, etc. The software is able to restore Windows data from any kind of hard drive like USB, SD Card, CD, DVD, etc.

Key features of the Hard Drive Data Recovery Freeware Tool

  • Recovers Hard Drive Data from corrupted or inaccessible FATS, FATS5, NTF32, and NTF16 partitions and other major corruption cases.
  • Allow users to restore or recover data from crashed Windows Operating systems.
  • The preview feature of the software arranges all the files and folders in a tree structure format.
  • Smart dual scanning Standard and Advanced mode are for the complete scanning of the windows data files.
  • The hard disk recovery tool enables the user to restore data from both the master boot record and GUID partition.
  • The software has a simple & easy use GUI to restore lost 

Final Words

In the above write-ups, first, we discussed What is Data Recovery and How to Recover Data from a Hard Drive? And after that, we discussed What Basically is the Data Recovery of a Hard Drive. Further the best softwares for Windows Disk Drive Data Recovery.  Hence, it is advised to use the Hard Drive Data Recovery Software for hard disk drive recovery. 

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