How To Open NSF File In Outlook

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  • Updated on January 19th, 2023

Microsoft Outlook and IBM notes are two important email client of the organization. Because of some reason the user is switching from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Lotus notes contain the file in NSF format while Outlook contains the file in PST format. So, in order to open NSF file in outlook the user needs to convert NSF file in PST format.

Before we discuss how a user can open NSF file into PST format one should aware of what is NSF and what is PST? And why do we need to convert it?

NSF (Notes Storage Facility) is used to store data in document units knows as Notes. It works with a fully functional database under offline mode. It can also be used for the data replication process.

PST (Personal File folder) Is a file format extension used by Outlook.

It is stored on the client hard disk. It can store data up to 2 GB.

Why do we need to open NSF file in outlook?

  • The complex interface of lotus notes.
  • Lotus  Notes do not allow the user to log in different account simultaneously.
  • IBM notes are not much secure.
  • Lotus Notes are not much cost effective as compared to Outlook.
  • In case of job switch user need to convert Nsf file into PST.

Now let’s discuss some methods with the help of which you can open your NSF file in PST format.

Manual Methods To Convert NSF to PST

It is one of the freeware effective methods to convert NSF to PST. it is necessary to create a backup of the file before conversion. There is 2 phase to convert the file.

Phase 1:- Export NSF file to intermediate CSV file

Step1) Run IBM lotus notes program.

Step2) Go to file, click on open then on Lotus notes application.

Step3) Search for required NSF file and click on open.

Step4) Click export in the file menu.

Step5) Type the file name, File location and saving type in the export dialogue box.

Step6) Click on comma separated file value.

Step7) CSV Export dialogue box will appear. Chose the required option and click ok.

Step8) Exported data will be saved in a defined location under CSV.

Phase 2:- CSV to Outlook

Step1) Open MS outlook program.

Step2) From the file menu, select open and export, then click on Import/Export.

Step3) Dialogue box import and export will appear. Now from the appeared option click on import from another program and then click on next.

Step4) Choose comma separated values as a file type and then select next.

Step5) Go to browse option and click on location for CSV file created while exporting lotus notes.

Step6) Choose the location for the exported data to save in outlook. And then click on next.

Step7) From the import a file dialogue box select the given checkbox. And click on finish.

Step8) CSV file is converted into Outlook.

Third Party Tool to convert NSF to PST format

Third party tool is simple and easy to use. Because of their initiative GUI non-technical user can also use it easily. It contains an advanced feature and algorithm which provide ease to the users. It can convert multiple NSF files at one time. No data will be lost during the conversion process. User can delete unwanted content of lotus notes with the help f utilize data range feature. Its demo version is available.


Conversion of NSF to PST is not easy but it’s not impossible too. So for the situation where you need to open NSF file in Outlook I have explained manual method as well as the tool. Both are best n their own. But due to some limitation in a manual method like much time consuming, technical knowledge requirement I will suggest you use NSF Converter.

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