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  • Updated on January 19th, 2023

A lot of tools are present to export your MSG file to yahoo account but they do not provide the direct conversion. But with the help of Aryson MSG converter, you can directly export your file to yahoo account in just a few steps. lets first discuss what is msg file and yahoo mail

What is an MSG file? 

MSG file is an email message, appointment, or a contact saved within the Microsoft outlook. It contains information relating to the sender’s name, contact, message etc.need of MSG converter.you can simply open the msg file by double-clicking on it.

1-There is no other way than using MSG converter to send msg files

2-You can send files in bulk with its help

3-You can send files in a very short period of time

4-Fully safe and reliable and accessible

What do you mean by Yahoo mail?

Yahoo mail is an email service provided by the American yahoo company. It has four email plans to offer three for personal use and the other one for business. It allows the users to send and receive messages, handling attachments, saving, and deleting the emails also. It sends emails in just seconds. Therefore, it is very fast and also allows to use other social media sites free of cost.

Benefits of Exporting MSG to yahoo account

  • Firstly, It is easily accessible and cost-free. Therefore, it has many users.
  • It has a lot of space and moreover, you can send your information without getting it stolen.
  • Msg can be opened in all the devices easily
  • Msg can convert into just 3 steps
  • It is window supportive 
  • MSG files are very easy to send MSG to Yahoo, even a normal person can do this
  • Lastly, it also provides the facility to use social media sites at no cost

How to open msg files on Yahoo?

1-Firstly, Install the MSG to Yahoo import

2-Add MSG files to the panel and adds your Yahoo details.

3-Lastly, click on conversion and Yahoo will upload MSG

Features of MSG to Yahoo Converter Tool:-

Firstly, it allows sending MSG files to Yahoo with

  • Initially, it allows sending MSG files to Yahoo with attachments.
  • It allows the user to send a lot of information together without losing even a little data.
  • It is developed by using modern technology.
  • Finally, it is compatible with all the windows operating software.

Sending the MSG file to Yahoo mail is possible only with an export tool. Follow are the problems that are faced by the users.

Problems to Export MSG to Yahoo Mail

  • Time taking processes.
  • Improper exporting process.
  • Many Security loopholes are there.
  • Not compatible in all windows operating system

Steps to import MSG file into Yahoo Mail

  • Firstly, download the MSG converter software on your computer
  • Launch the utility and load MSG files.
  • Start the MSG file, and click on the Next button.
  • Choose Yahoo in the saving format option.
  • Log in to all your details and information.
  • The procedure of importing MSG to Yahoo will appear.
  • Now click on the ok button.
  • Lastly, login to your Yahoo mail accounts to see the outlook.

Manual methods: You can simply export your msg file with the help after uploading it on the pen drive. And then connecting to the computer or laptop and exporting it to the Yahoo


The above article shows you all the information regarding the EXPORT OF MSG FILES TO YAHOO MAIL. Although, the tool described here can also convert MSG to PDF, and other formats. There is no file size limitation too on exporting the files. Even someone who is not familiar with Yahoo can do this. If you are searching for how to export msg file to Yahoo mail this is what you should go through.

I hope it was useful for you and it will help you to export the same to Yahoo.

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