Possible Ways to Migrate EDB to RTF – Manual is best?

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  • Updated on January 19th, 2023

In this blog, we are going to discuss the methods to migrate EDB to RTF easily. And also state that the manual method is best or not.

MS Exchange Server is the most popular mail server. Also, it stores all the user’s emails, tasks, calendars, contacts, notes, and journals, etc. as an EDB file on the server machine. The whole communication in the organization is held with the Exchange Server. Therefore it always stored in the Exchange database (EDB) files as a rich text format (RTF).

What are EDB Files?

Files that contain the .edb file format are most commonly used by the mailbox data files which have been saved by the MS Exchange Server.

EDB is a short form for Exchange Database. The EDF files are exchange database files which store in-process and the non-SMTP messages. These files are formatted by using the b-tree structure. Each EDB file has an STM file that contains the actual SMTP messages.

Adobe Photoshop also uses the .edb file format. In the Adobe Photoshop application, the .edb file suffix is always used for extending the digital books. Hence they are created with the application.

The ACT! emails also have the .edb file extension. These files contain the email data which are used by the software ACT! Email data

What are RTF files?

RTF was created by the MS Word tram in the 1980s. It was invented as a universal format that can be used by most word processors. And it is easier for the users to share the Word files with the people who don’t use Word. It was also assigned as the default format used by the Windows built-in WordPad app which is a lightweight word processor.

Before RTF was replaced by HTML files, the RTF was also used for the Windows help files.

Most of the Word processors are being able to read and write an RTF file. That means if you create one on the Windows, then you are also able to send it to a colleague or any individual. Also, who uses Linux, macOS without facing any issue. It is also used in other types of apps, like email clients.

Now let’s discuss some reasons why the users need the migration from EDB to RTF

Reasons to Move EDB to RTF:

  • EDB files become corrupt easily and you want to recover its data
  • To reduce the mailbox size and to increase the server performance
  • For saving the storage space
  • Need to backup Exchange mailboxes
  • Need to back up a few specific mailboxes or emails

How to Open an RTF File Manually?

  1. Firstly, double-click to open the RTF directly
  2. Then, You almost certainly have an app which is in-built or installed in the system for accessing the RTF files. To start with to open an RTF file you have to get a Word processing app installed. Such as Abiword, MS Word, LibreOffice, and so on.
  3. After that, Most of the files have syncing services like Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox in-built viewers. That lets you read the RTF file, even after you can’t edit them. Google Docs does let you edit the RTF files.
  4. Finally, Operating Systems also have an in-built editor that can access RTF files. In Windows that’s WordPad. In macOS, that’s Apple TextEdit or Apple Pages.

How to Migrate EDB to RTF

As the RTF is supported by many applications. But there is no such method to convert the EDB to RTF manually. The expert always uses the professional method that contains the software. Such utility is EDB to RTF converter tool. It can safely convert your EDB file to RTF without any hassle. Using this tool you can also recover the EDB files and then convert into RTF. 

Benefits of using EDB to RTF converter

  • Easy and secure process
  • Quickly move EDB to RTF
  • Also possible to convert EDB to HTML
  • No risk of data loss
  • Supports corrupt database files for the conversion
  • Unlimited size of EDb file is supported

This blog will help you to migrate EDB to RTF file format easily. As there is no manual method available to convert the EDB files. So it’s a better choice using the professional method. Apart from this, method contains the EDB converter which converts the EDB files easily. It also comes with great features and anyone can use it without any guidance. 

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