How to Split Large PST file Outlook 2016?

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  • Updated on January 19th, 2023

Want to know the procedure on How to Split Large PST file Outlook 2016? Are you too one of them? Then, the answer to this query is here. In this guide, to open large PST file, we will explore the reasons and solutions. So, in the future, if the user is stuck in a situation where  Outlook crashes due to a large PST file. Then, they must know what they can do to overcome this issue? 

Many users know that Outlook PST file stores their entire mails and other items in Outlook mailbox. But if there is a flood of unlimited mails then it surpasses its saving limit. And many times it often gets corrupted. To deal with situations like large PST file crashes Outlook, users have to split their large PST files. 

Moreover, PST files are prone to corruption as they run in Unicode format. Large PST size also affects Outlook efficiency. Thus, it is necessary to split PST files into small sizes so that users can safely save their data.

Why do users want to split an oversized PST file?

Many factors are responsible for splitting large PST files into multiple smaller PST files. These are-

  • Sluggish performance of Outlook due to the large size of PST files. 
  • If the large PST file exceeds its maximum limit, then the user is unable to access or send and receive new email messages. 
  • To prevent data loss that will occur due to oversized PST files.

Now, we have discussed the reasons, let’s know the procedures if an oversized PST file crashes Outlook. 

How to Split Large PST file Outlook 2016 manually?

Method 1: Go for the import/export process

Users can use this Import / Export wizard to transfer data files to and from MS Outlook. It is also used for splitting large PST files into MS Outlook.

  1. First, start MS Outlook and from the menu bar hit File. 
  2. Visit the Account Settings >> Account Settings. After that,  in the Data Files tab from the dialog box, tap on the Add button.
  3. Enter the name and type as Outlook data file (.pst).  Press OK to generate a new PST.
  4. Now, You can view the new PST located under Data Files.
  5. Next, select File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export.
  6. Select Export a File in Import and Export Wizard > and press Next.
  7. Then, select Outlook Data File (.pst) in Export File windows and tap Next.
  8. Select the folders to export and can also mark the Include Subfolders option if one wants.
  9. Find to pick the saving path of the exported file and select from options to turn-off the exporting replicas. Now, press Finish.
  10. Finally, for the exported PST file or cancel it, type a password. 

On the completion of the above steps, the issue of large PST File crashes in Outlook will get resolved. But somehow if the problem still exists then go to the next method discussed below. 

Method 2. Go for the Move To Folder Option 

To split large PST files in Outlook, users can use the option ‘move to folder’. You can use this process by using these given instructions.

  1. First, tap on File tab >> Account Settings >> Account Settings 
  2. Then, tap on the Data Files tab, and to generate a new PST file, hit the Add button.
  3. Visit the Home screen and open the default PST file. Then, choose the desired items to move into a new PST file that you generated in step 2.
  4. To do this, from the top, tap on the Move button. Choose the Copy to Folder option. From the ‘copy the selected items to the folder’ option  select the PST file and tap OK.

From the default Outlook PST file, users can delete the duplicated items to minimize their size. But the manual methods sometimes corrupts the files. If your files is already corrupted due to this know-how to repair the PST file.

These were some techniques to solve the issue How to Split Large PST file Outlook 2016? These methods can be a little complex for users. So if you want the easiest and quickest way then try Outlook PST splitter. The tool perfectly split oversize PST Files into smaller PST Files. It also supports all versions of MS Outlook 2002, 20013, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016.

Now, we will discuss some complexities that can be challenging for some users. So what are they? Read more to find it out.

Drawbacks of the Manual techniques 

We all know that manual methods are free to use. But, it also has some limitations that restrict users to use it. These are –

  1. The need for Technical knowledge is mandatory
  2. Manual approaches consume a lot of time and have higher chances of data loss
  3. Higher chances of losing data integrity

This article explains procedures to deal with the issue of How to Split Large PST file Outlook 2016?  Many Outlook users save their large files continuously that later becomes a task for them to manage. Thus, users must split their large files so that they don’t have to face this issue. They can either go for the manual or automated solutions as per their need.

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