How to take Backup Gmail Emails to Google Drive?

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  • Updated on January 19th, 2023

Are you searching for a way to backup Gmail Emails to Google Drive and also save email attachment to google drive for security, backup, or sharing reasons. 

Gmail account is one of the oldest and mostly used email accounts, almost mandatory for everyone as it is needed in every field like organizations, registrations, examinations, registrations, etc. However a fact also exists that the Gmail account is easily prone to hackers. Hackers always live in search of account weaknesses, There are chances that your email account could be altered, messages could be disoriented. In some cases users may lose complete access to their Gmail account. In such a case you’ll need to have a good Gmail backup. Google Drive is very closely combined with Gmail, as both are possessed by Google. You can easily or directly save your Gmail emails to Google Drive without even migrating from your email page. 

Several people use it to store their business information in Gmail email accounts. So, no one can not afford to lose that information. Always keep searching for the query How do I save multiple email to google drive.  Here, in this write-up you will get your query resolved. Let’s start the blog with understanding the importance and need to Backup Gmail Emails to Google Drive. 

Why to Backup Gmail Emails Along with attachments:

Users need to backup Gmail emails, contacts, calendars documents to protect them from any loss: The backup of the Gmail Emails helps them in the following situations:  

  • Backup helps users when data gets deleted accidentally from their Gmail account.
  • In case, users have to share Gmail account data with other users.
  • In a scenario when there is a need to migrate Gmail accounts data to another account.
  • Secure data from any disastrous failure of Google. 

So here we discussed the need and importance of Gmail Email Backup, Now let’s discuss methods to save email attachment to google drive. But before you create Gmail backup to google drive you should check the below points: 

  • The backup file will consume a great amount of space in the Gmail account.
  • One can not backup Gmail messages individually.
  • Google Drive data gets converted into relevant Microsoft Formats. 

Backup Gmail Emails to Google Drive with Google Takeout

Google has its own backup service that is known as Google Takeout. This takeout enables users to store the backup data into Google Drive. It also allows you to choose the items as per your wish to backup from your Google Drive.  Below are the instructed steps that you need to follow to get rid of your query “How do I save multiple email to google drive” :

  • First, reach and sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Now from the displayed Takeout window, deselect entire items and choose the items for backup.
  • Next, choose the Delivery Method as “Google Drive” and File type as “.zip” and File-size “2GB”. 
  • After configuring the backup format >> hit on the Create Export button.
  • It may take hours / days for the archive creation, and once the archive is created, the archive gets downloaded to GDrive. 

Here we discussed how to backup Gmail Emails into G Drive using Google Takeout. It is a good approach to backup Gmail with takeout, but takeout also has some limitations. Let’s see the limitations of takeout in the below segment that you may face while you backup Gmail.  

Limitations/Drawbacks of Google Takeout

  • Allows only to Backup emails to Google Drive in MBOX format
  • Do not offer any incremental backup
  • You don’t get any date filter option to backup emails of some specific data-range.
  • Backup or archive takes too much time. 

So above are some limitations of Google takeout. Due to these issues professionals prefer to use an automated tool for hassle-free solutions to save email attachment to google drive. One such tool is the Gmail Backup tool that will help you to overcome the query “ How do I save multiple emails to google drive”. The automated tool allows users to backup Gmail Email in different file formats such as MBOX, PST, EML, MSG, PDF, HTML, EMLX, etc. One can easily export Gmail Emails to different email clients such as Gmail to Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, IMAP, Thunderbird, Zimbra, and even in other Gmail accounts. Below are some of its astonishing and exceptional features:

  • Allows users to download the data from Google Drive, Docs, Calendar, Photos, Contacts, etc very easily and reliably.
  • Permits users to save the Gmail Email data on user-specified locations or the local machine/Computer. 
  • Export Gmail email into PST File format of the Microsoft Outlook Email Client.
  • Comes with a free trial version that permits users to backup up to 50 emails of Gmail. 


Here, in the technical guide, we discussed the method to Backup Gmail Emails to Google Drive. You can easily backup Gmail into GDrive with Google Takeout, but it will take much time. If you do not have much time or technical expertise then you may also opt for a Gmail Backup tool as discussed above. 

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